Homestaging services

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Homestaging with rental furniture

What do we do with Homestaging?

We present your property from its best side and let it shine in a new light with new furniture design, necessary small renovations, perfectly coordinated accessories and clear design. The rooms are optimally "polished up", cleared out, prepared, thoroughly cleaned and presented in a new light, color and room concept. Thus, with an individually developed overall concept and a perfectly coordinated living ambience, a lasting impression and the feeling of "This is where I want to live" is gained when entering the property for the first time.

We provide you with new furniture and completely redesign the rooms in a very tasteful way down to the smallest detail in order to appeal to the widest possible group of buyers. After the day of staging you will receive professional photographer pictures for your perfect market appearance when selling or renting. The rented furniture including all rented accessories will be picked up again reliably after successful completion of the sale, the property will be left for the buyer ready to move in.

Services in summary

  • Initial viewing of the property and rooms is free of charge.

  • Detailed consultation with creation of an overall concept for all Homestaging measures - recommended consultation of the Homestaging, repairs, craftsman services, painting work, selection of suitable furniture and accessories

We offer you help for the preliminary work, you decide:

  • Clearing out/disposing/misting → Clarity creates order and lightness for rooms

  • Support in the mediation or implementation of necessary repairs/renovations with craftsman's mediation → Renovations increase the value of the real estate lastingly

  • Polish up/cleanliness and order → Buyers want to feel good

  • Staging on the day of implementation before sales tours: Delivery and placement of the rental furniture with a transport/moving van, harmonious and perfect decoration

  • Professional photographer images (before/after) for sales presentation

  • Return transport on the day of dismantling (usually 3 months later): reliable return transport of all rented furniture and accessories after successful sale/rental
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