What goals do buyers, sellers and real estate agents pursue?

  • Customers want to be inspired and immediately feel good when they buy.

  • Sellers want to achieve the highest sales price.

  • Real estate agents want to offer short sales times as well as perfectly presented and high-quality real estate.

Ask yourself also the following question:

Why can I not sell my property for such a long time?

Possible answers could be as follows:

  • Rooms that have been inhabited for a longer period of time are no longer up-to-date in terms of wall color and furniture.

  • Unrenovated rooms deter buyers in case of high renovation expenses/craftsman services etc.

  • Overcrowded, uncluttered and unsorted rooms are uncomfortable when viewed.

  • Most prospective buyers lack the imagination for renovated/rehabilitated rooms.

  • Long mediation periods and empty rooms are unattractive and expensive for the seller.

  • The administrative effort is high for numerous unsuccessful brokerage viewings.

The solution to your sales accelerator is called homestaging consulting, because all the above mentioned interests get in profit.
Don't hesitate to get further advice today on how to achieve the best possible sales promotion.

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