What is homestaging?

Homestaging is:

→ the key to success for up to 15% higher selling prices on the market and faster sales

→ the most convincing way to better present the potential of your property on the market

→ an optimally coordinated overall concept consisting of renovation measures and presentation of the rooms in warm light, harmonious colors and modern furnishings in order to appeal to the widest possible group of buyers

→ the best possibility to inspire buyers and create an immediate feeling of well-being in the stomach with modern furniture design and optimal presentation of the premises

→ a guarantor for higher demand with the prospective buyers

Did you know that most people lack the imagination for renovated and redesigned rooms?
We will show you how you can better present the full potential of your property and attract significantly more new prospective buyers.

Why do you do Homestaging?

Homestaging strikes prospective customers with the real estate search immediately positively and inspires potential buyers from the outset.
The perfect presentation of the property pays off.
The sales proceeds of real estates with Homestaging are statistically up to 15% over the usual market value and are a guarantor for higher demand with the buyers. Rooms that have been inhabited for a long time are often no longer up-to-date at the time of sale. A newly developed room concept with modern design furniture arouses the imagination of many prospective buyers.

  • Fewer discount discussions for the sales negotiations
  • Renovations/small repairs increase the value of your property
  • It is not uncommon for the price of a property to be outbid.

Real estate purchases are life decisions and are made "from the gut" when first entering a property.
The optimal presentation with harmoniously coordinated details emphasizes the merits of the premises and thus creates an immediate feeling of well-being.

Give your property the perfect appearance it deserves!
There is no second chance for the first impression!

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